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Matt Berry's Toast of London: "It doesn鈥檛 feel like work"
What is the nation鈥檚 favourite Matt Berry moment? Youtube, naturally, provides some clues. If I was running a sweepstake, I鈥檇 give you short odds on the 鈥楪irlfriend鈥?sketches in BBC 3鈥榮 Snuff Box, where our hero dismisses potential seductees with a crashing 鈥楩uck You!鈥?on learning that the lady is already taken. For 3-1 you can have his 鈥楥ocktail鈥?podcast (still free on iTunes), where he follows Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall鈥檚 advice to use 鈥榳hatever鈥檚 in the fridge鈥? before concocting a brew made of equal parts Stella, diet coke, milk, champagne and whisky. Newly invented cocktails need a name, so after what sounds like a near death experience through dibabolical vomiting, the resulting cocktail is christnened 鈥楥***鈥? Odds on favourite crowd pleaser though is the IT Crowd鈥檚 Douglas Reynholm鈥檚 response to an accusation of sexism. 鈥楴ow you hold on a minute sugar tits...鈥?
After film appearances in the forthcoming 'The Wedding Video鈥?and the over hyped 鈥極ne Day鈥?his next project is 鈥楾oast of London鈥? a pilot for Channel 4. Matt co-wrote it with Arthur Matthews, who, along with Graham Linehan, wrote Father Ted. "I鈥檝e worked with him on quite a few things before 鈥?he was the script editor on Snuff Box. It鈥檚 a sitcom about an actor called Steven Toast and the things that happen to him on the way to the theatre every night." Toast is appearing in a controversial West End play, so is frequently attacked. To add to his problems the pilot sees him having to audition during visiting time, the producer having been imprisoned for racial chanting on the set of his own production. Matt doesn鈥檛 know if the pilot will lead to a commission at this stage. "There鈥檚 no firm offer from Channel 4-they can say yes or no at any time"
Given the upward trajectory of his career, it would be a surprise if Toast didn鈥檛 get a green light. The BAFTA winning IT Crowd wa
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