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Veterinary Healthcare In Lexington KY

Healthcare for pets

Lexington, just like other American cities, is famous for the attention dedicated to wildlife: animals and pets. Thousands of citizens have distributed their attention to the friends with fur and claws, so an entire industry of veterinary healthcare has grown here in the last few decades. The list of veterinary healthcare institutions in Lexington is long and each institution is trying to impress with their last hour technology and services. All the doctors in Lexington are recognized and member of the Veterinary Association in the United States and they are all very dedicated people who try to give everything they have in order to save one of our small companions.

Institutions in Lexington KY for animals

The list of institutions that have dedicated their activity to pets is very long. It can start with Clays Mill Veterinary Clinic, which is one of the oldest ones in the city. It has been founded in 1968, by Dr. Robert C. Lynch. He and his stuff created a clinic in which pets and animals of all species receive healthcare, treatment, diets and check ups from some of the best veterinarians in the United States. Doctors with more than four decades of experience have put their fingerprint on the diversity of services and now Clays Mill Veterinary Clinic does surgeries and treatments that no other veterinary institution in the United States can provide; this is the reason why Clays Mill is so important not only for Lexington and Central Kentucky, but for the entire country. VCA Woodford Animal Hospital is the perfect place in Lexington where you can treat your pet when it suffers from allergy of any type. The staff will treat your pet as if it were their own, so you can trust leaving your friend there for care and treatment. The address where you will find the hospital is 1325 Lexington Road, Versailles. Banfield the Pet Hospital is a very affordable pet healthcare unit that will provide excellent services. You can become a member in the wellness plan that it is at your disposal thanks to the services provided by this pet hospital. Animal Care Clinic is another veterinary unit in pet hotel lexington ky that provides the full list of services for pets: laser and radio surgery, check ups, treatment, flea control, micro chipping, pharmacy, they are all there, in Animal Care Clinic. The list is very long, it is up to you which institution you choose. The important thing is that they all offer high quality services.

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